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This web site is dedicated to the artwork of Catherine, James and Becky Koenig. Catherine Catanzaro Koenig and James R. Koenig were artists who were married and resided in the Buffalo, NY area. Their daughter, Becky Koenig is one of their three children who is also an artist and book author. This site is dedicated to the artistic heritage in the Koenig family. The works in this site represent paintings, drawing and works on paper by all three artists. Each artistís work is distinct from another individually working with themes and styles that diverge widely. Catherine was known for her realistic depictions of symbolic images through still life, the figure and portraits. James Koenig was engaged in both painting and design, working primarily in abstraction and styles that strongly reflect twentieth century modes of painting. Becky Koenig is a painter who makes work that explores the senses along with nature and technology.

The other Koenig children, Karen and David Koenig, are not artists, but have been integral to the promotion of their parentís art, as well as being active professionals in teaching and instructional technology.